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| Astrology Gemstones | Raashi Ratna | Rare Gemstones |

| Navaratna Pendant | Navagrah Bracelet |

astrology gemstones rashi ratna image

GemStone Planet Stone Colour, Nature Wearing Day Substitute GemStone Metal

Ruby rashi ratna Gemstone image

Ruby Sun Red, Hot Sunday Star Ruby, Sun stone,  Agate Gold, Copper Buy Now
Moti White Pearl Gemstone image White Pearl Moon White, cold Monday Moonstone Silver, Gold Buy Now
Red Coral Moonga Gemstone image Red Coral Mars Deep Red, Hot Tuesday Garnet, Red Cornelian, Red Jasper Gold or Silver Buy Now
Emerald Panna Gemstone image Emerald Mercury Green, Cold Wednesday Green-jade, Onyx, Green Aquamarine, Peridot, Turquoise Gold Buy Now
Yellow Sapphire pukhraj rashi ratna image Yellow Sapphire Jupiter Yellow Thursday Golden Topaz Gold Buy Now
Diamong White Topaz rashi ratna image White Opal Venus Bluish Friday Tourmaline, Rock crystal, white Zircon, white coral. Silver, Gold, Platinum Buy Now
Blue Sapphire Nilam image Blue sapphire Saturn Blue Saturday Neeli, Amethyst, Black Topaz, Lapiz-lazuil Silver, Platinum Buy Now
Hessonite Gomedh gemstone image Gomedh Rahu Maroon grey, Cold Saturday Brown Tourmaline, brown agate Silver Buy Now
Cats eye lehsuniya ketu stone image Cat's eye. Ketu Brown, Green, Yellow, Hot Saturday Tiger's eye, Agate, Turquoise. Silver Buy Now
White Coral White Coral Mars Bright White Tuesday No Substitute Gold or Silver Buy White Coral Now


Special & Rare Gemstones for Combined benefit of two or more Planets

GemStone Planet Stone Colour, Nature Wearing Day Metal

Amazonite Amazonite Mercury & Saturn Lustruous Blue

Mild Nature

Saturday or Wednesday Morning Silver or Gold Buy Now
Pink Opal Pink Opal Venus & Mars Lustruous Pink

Mild Nature

Friday Morning Silver or Gold Buy Now
Blue Opal Blue Opal Venus & Saturn Lustruous Blue

Mild Nature

Friday Morning Silver or Gold Buy Now
Green Opal Green Opal Venus & Mercury Lustruous Neon Green

Mild Nature

Friday Morning Silver or Gold Buy Now
Blue and Green Opal Blue and Green Opal Venus, Saturn & Mercury Lustruous Blue & Green

Mild Nature

Friday Morning Silver or Gold Buy Now

We specialize in making Designer Rings & Pendants for the Gemstones. To select & order the ring / pendant design please open : Rings & Pendant Gallery


Navagrah Bracelet - Navratna Bracelet - Navagrah Pendant

-appease all nine planets through a single pendant / bracelet-


Navratna Bracelet nine planets navagrah image Navgrah remedy Navratna Bracelet nine planets image Bangle shaped Navratna Bracelet navagrah image
Design Code 0901 Design Code 0902 Design Code 0903


Om Navratna pendant navagrah planets  image

Diamond shape Navratna nine planets pendant navagrah image Navagrah Swastik Navratna pendant nine planets pendant image Navratna nine planets navagrah pendant star shaped image Navratna nine planets circle pendant navagrah image
Design Code 0909 Design Code 0910 Design Code 0911 Design Code 0912 Design Code 0915

Navagrah Watch shape Navratna nine planets bracelet image

Design Code 0918

All the above Navratna Designs are available in following quality variants :

  Buy Now

 INR. 5,500/- (Average Quality gemstones)

  Buy Now

INR. 8,100/- (Regular Quality gemstones)

  Buy Now

INR. 15,000/- (Good Quality gemstones)

  Buy Now

INR. 31,000/- (Superfine Quality gemstones)

Buy Now

INR. 51,000/- (Premium Quality gemstones)

  Buy Now

INR. 81,000/- (Supreme Quality gemstones)







Astrological gems, especially when combined in nine-gem bracelet (Navagrah navaratna bracelet), are a uniquely powerful way to mitigate and nullify the unfortunate effects of past wrong actions (negative karma). Navagrah Navratna Bracelet when worn after proper purification, can potently benefit a person's psychological tendencies, physical health, business affairs and relationships, while helping to minimize the impact of a wide range of negative conditions and situations. The best thing about Navratna Bracelet is that it helps in pacifying and appeasing all nine planets together.

Navagrah Navratna Bracelet increase your focus on spiritual goals as well as in professional direction. This navagrah navratna bracelet comprises following nine gemstones studded in silver :

Ruby for Sun, White Pearl for Moon, Red Coral for Mars, Emerald, Yellow Topaz for Jupiter, White Topaz/Opal for Venus, Blue sapphire for Saturn, Hessonite for Rahu, Cats Eye for Ketu. Premium & Supreme Quality includes Diamonds for Jupiter.

All the gemstones in the Navagrah - Navratna Bracelet are Natural gemstones. The stones have not undergone any heat treatment.

  • International Shipping within 7 working days We ship the products after purification as per Vedic rituals

  • FREE Shipping all over India

  • Shipping to Europe & UK Rs.1700  

  • Shipping to USA & Canada Rs.1500

  • Shipping to the Rest of the World  Rs. 1300

  • International Shipping within 4 working days.


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