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 Natural Hessonite Gemstone  | Gomed Gemstone | Astrological Gemstone | Gemstone for Rahu


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Gomedh - Gomed

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Astrological  Properties of Hessonite - Gomedh - Gomed  :


Governing Planet Rahu
Sanskrit Names of Gomed Gomedha, Rahu-mani, Gomutra colored gem, Rahu-ratna, Rahu's gem, Pita rakta mani, Orange gem, Tamra-mani, Rahu's jewel.
Ruling Day Saturday
Governing Number 4
Governing Sign Aquarius
Rahu Mantra "Aum Raan Raahve namah"  to be enchanted 108 times at the time of wearing a Gomedh - Gomed
Signs of well-placed Rahu in the Chart Rahu is a spiritual inclined planet. When it is well-placed, the native usually has very strong spiritual tendencies, desire to do goodness to others and detachment to material goals. He is very influential and respected in society. It gives Power, fame, political success, money.
Signs of an afflicted Rahu in the Chart Failure in every walk of life, Financial Crisis, Insatiable worldly desires and sense gratification, Hedonistic tendencies, Obsessive and convulsive influences, Inertia, dullness, grossness, insensitivity, ignorance.
Areas of Occurrence of Gomed Sri Lanka, Canada, Brazil, East Africa, Madagascar.

Healing or Curative powers of Hessonite - Gomedh - Gomed

Pearls counteract heat. It energizes and strengthens and strengthens the mind force. The pearl absorbs negative energy of the wearer and sends it into the atmosphere. It heals as well as brings wealth and tranquillity. It annihilates sorrow, brings love and faithfulness. It controls anger and brings marital bliss. It cures insomnia , uterine disorders, heart afflictions, eye afflictions , tuberculosis , constipation ,hysteria and pleurisy.


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Powers and Effects of Hessonite - Gomedh - Gomed  in Vedic Astrology :

Gomedh has ultraviolet cosmic rays concentrate. It cures hyperacidity. Excess heat, indigestion and helps women during childbirth. It is very effective in curving leprosy. It is used to counter the ill effect of Rahu which causes students to be disinterested in studies and wife struck with sickness or a restless mind. In all these situations Hessonite helps.  It is good for those suffering from allergies, skin disorder, piles, epilepsy, infection of eyes, cold, sinus infection, fatigue, insomnia, Blood Pressure.

Important Notice :

  • All the Gemstones sold by Astrojyotishi.com are Certified for Quality by ISO 9001:2008 Gem Laboratory.
  • All the gemstones are tested by experts to assure best quality, free from flaws or defects of any kind.
  • We give 100% International Guarantee of the quality of our Gemstones.
  • We personally purify the Gemstones by performing yajya with vedic mantras.

Natural Hessonite Gemstone  | Gomedh Gemstone | Astrological Gemstone | Gemstone for Rahu

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