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Good & Bad Omens

As a rule, birds are lucky and should be welcomed to garden or verandah. They should be given cereals and pulses to eat, light coloured pigeons entering the house presage an engagement or a wedding.

To hear the crickets chirping foretells monetary gain.

Crows entering the house and cawing often bring bad news. To hear a crow after dark is a sign of bad news to come or some illness in the house,. If crow sits upon your head it is a sign of death or deadly pains.

A howling dog (especially when it is crying) means death is about to take place in the house.

Tingling of ear means that somebody is talking about you.

It is a bad omen to meet a funeral when you are on a way to a wedding.

If hare crosses your path be assured of disappointments.

To see 3 white horses together is a sign of coming wealth. To see a white horse, at the moment you are wishing for something, means fulfillment of your wish.

To get a horse-shoe on you may is a good omen.

If you find donkey’s shoe, it is very fortunate.

To find crossed knives is in auspicious.

To see the new moon on a Monday will bring good luck.

To hear the continuous hooting of owls forebodes ill health and disappointments.

To meet a pig coming towards you is a good omen.

To split salt is unlucky. To avoid the bad luck water must be thrown over it.

If you make a wish as you see a shooting star falling, your wish will be granted.

To see a spider at night is an omen of good fortune. To see a spider in morning is a bad omen, and to kill a spider is supposed to bring bad luck.

To see 3 swans flying together will bring misfortune.

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