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"I don't have words to thank Aaadietya ji for the miraculous effect of Rudrakshas. I was bed ridden for long and was having no recovery. The rudraksha combination given by him vitalized my body and now i am recovering fast. God bless, the young man."

:- Q.R. Gupta, Havells Electricals


"Aaadietya ji's guidance and accurate predictions are unbelievable. I must confess that my first impression about him was that of a young lad but later i found in him an ocean of knowledge...."

:- R. Vikkram Singh, IAS


"It was only for Pandit ji's assured guidance and motivation that i was able to get out of the traumatic phase in life and live a happy life."

:- Tilotma Sharma, HR Expert


"I am highly grateful for all the guidance guruji gave me. I had lost all hopes but he always gave me an assurance. I owe a lot to him. My warm regards to aaadietya ji"

:- Dr. Shirsshu Verma, Prof. IIIT Allahabad


"Aaadietya ji corrected the name spelling of MOAR Soap to MORE and it was really surprising to see the fabulous response we got . The sales had an increase of more than 30 % in three months of name correction."

:- Pavan Rohraa, M.D., Sagar Detergents (P) Ltd


"Dear Aaadietya,

The name correction you had given for me and my brother has helped us a lot.

I am over all feeling more confident in my job. My brother has been very demotivated because of his job. But after the spelling corrected he has received good offer and he is doing very well and his sugar is in control.

We are surprised with the impact of this change and would like to go ahead with the full changes in our official pass port also.

Thanks for your suggestion and support."

:- Raakessh  Shrivastava, Dubai


"Kesar Paan Masala was changed to KESAR PREMIUM guthka by Pandit ji. We were amazed to see the tremendous increase in its sales. Thanks a lot pandit ji... "

:- Harish Kuumar, Proprietor Kesar premium guthka


"I give all credits for the success of my export form Appexx Texpro to pandit ji. His guidelines proved highly beneficial to me. "

:- O.P. Agrrawal, C.A.


"It was unbelievable to see Rudrakshas show such a tremendous improvement in the eye-afflictions of my child which was considered unfit for further surgery by doctors. "

:- Himanshu Khatri, Lucknow


"I owe all credit of my success to dada. He infuses positive energies in you and gives you motivation to succeed. Difficult times pass without any major mishap. My warm regards to pandit ji."

:- Ammitt Tripaathi, ICICI Bank


"Pandit jee's guidance and spiritual support gives us the motivation and direction to move ahead."

:- Navneet Kumar Varshney, Senior IAS


"Pandit ji relieved us from all supernatural problems we had been facing for more than a decade. He had been of divine help to our family."

:- Adietjaraam Doekharan, The Netherlands


"Pandit ji has been the saviour in our bad days. Our whole family follows pandit ji's guidelines and with maiya's blessings we passed out the bad days happily. My pranaams to him"

:- J.L. Verma, Allahabad Bank



Dear Friends,

This page is regularly updated..

Here we will enlist the testimonials of our Clients/Pupils and all those who have seen and experienced the benefits of the powers of Numerology, Astrology, Palmistry and other astral sciences.

Here we will also include the personal experiences of all those who were/are benefitted by the spiritual guidance given by Pt. Vvidhushekhor Pandey  Dr. Aaadietya Pandey.

In case, you are interested in contributing for this page, send us as email on with the subject : 'Testimonials'.

with warm wishes,



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