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Lal Kitab - Lal Kitab Analysis - Planets in Lal Kitab

What is Lal Kitab ?

Lal Kitab needs no explanation. Lal Kitab is popular amongst masses and as well as astrologers world over because of its simple remedial measures which are easily explained in detail. The remedies might seem to be too simple but they are quite effective and cannot be just given up for their simplicity. Rather they bring credit to this noble work.

Lal Kitab is an important treatise on palmistry and astrology. In Palmistry we talk of mounts and lines Sun, Moon and Mars etc. & it is in Lal Kitab too that we comes across the birth charts of the natives having twelve houses and all the planets (earliest known nine planets) posted there. Rules of prediction in Lal Kitab are also very much like those enunciated in astrology.


How Does Lal Kitab Work ?

Lal Kitab is a treatise on astro-palmistry. Lal Kitab combines the benefits of Astrology and Palmistry. The astrological contents that are added to it are to reflect the findings of a palmist or rather to corroborate it. The palm is divided into 12 parts just as the natural Zodiac is divided into twelve signs like Aries, Taurus etc. Some types of shapes have been allotted to planets. These shapes wherever they exist on palm are supposed to be occupying particular houses of the birth chart. These signs represent the planets they are allotted to. Thus we have the twelve houses and the nine planets posted in the chart having twelve houses. The astrological chart is ready on the basis of the palm. They are often different from the birth charts prepared on astrological principles. The authenticity of astrological charts is to be corrected by the chart prepared from palm imprints.

Whatever be the system or method of preparation the chart has ascendant or the lagna and the other twelve houses numbered serially. Though they are the 12 sings of the Zodiac the signs have no significance in the chart. For signs, we may say, each horoscope is to be treated just like the horoscope of Kala Purusha; that is, house No. 1 should be considered as identical with Aries in all cases. As Sun is exalted in Aries and debilitated in Libra, we say that Sun is exalted in Lagna and debilitated in the 7th house. The lordship of the houses will also go likewise. Mars is always the lagna Lord and Venus the 7th Lord.

In the palmistry we talk of lower Mars and upper Mars. In Lal Kitab we have two Mars, one a malefic or bad Mars and the other a benefic or a kind of good Mars

One peculiarity of Lal Kitab is that the rasis are not taken into account. The numbers of Rasis which are taken to be identical with house numbers, are considered important.

Blind Planets in Lal Kitab

Lal Kitab has a concept of blind or sleeping planets and blind or sleeping houses in Lal Kitab. The planets are supposed to have an aspect of some houses and affect the results of those houses.


Artificial Planets in Lal Kitab

Lal Kitab has a concept of the artificial planets. A group of two planets together form one particular artificial planet or a substitute of that planet. Sun and Venus together form one artificial Moon. Likewise there are artificial planets for each of the planets including the nodes Rahu and Ketu.


Pakka Ghar in Lal Kitab

In Lal Kitab, Pakka ghar is the concept of natural significators of the 12 houses. Pakka ghar of Sun is Lagna, Moon is 4th house, Mars is 3rd and 8th house, Mercury is 7th house, Jupiter is 2nd, 5th, 9th and 11th house, Venus is 7th house and Saturn is 8th and 10th house.


Sin & Sinful Planets in Lal Kitab

Often there is a reference of Paap (Sin) & Paapi (Sinful) planet in Lal Kitab. From Paap or Sin it refers to Rahu & ketu, and from Paapi grahas it refers to three planets namely Saturn, Rahu & Ketu.

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