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From the very beginning of civilization, men always revered and awfully feared the power of nature, and wanted to harness it for the fulfillment of their desires. In almost every ancient civilization, people used to represent different powers of nature either in anthropomorphic forms (statues or Murtis) or in some geometrical forms (Yantras) or in both. They also invented different magic spells (Mantras) to invoke different aspects or different manifestations of the same power of nature. It is believed that the combination of Yantra and Mantra can do miracles if used properly.

In India, we hear about so many Siddha (accomplished) Sthanas (places); that if you go there with pure heart and wish for something, that wish gets fulfilled. Actually, in all these Siddha Sthanas, our ancient sages have done so much Japa and Tapa that till now the atmosphere of the places is filled with very much positive energy which is capable of fulfilling our wishes. The concept of a Yantra is exactly the same. It is your personal wish fulfilling device. But only you have to follow two strict rules: (a) Your Yantra must be correctly drawn on a piece of specified material, and (b) The Yantra should be energized with a specific Mantra following a specific ritual code. If you get a Yantra passing both the previous prerequisites, it is our firm belief that it would be able to fulfill your wish and change your life positively.


- Size of yantras: Basic - 2" x 2" | Regular - 3" x 3" | Premium - 7" x 7"

- Do call to check the availability before placing an order.

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Astrological remedies can be used for both curative and preventive purposes. Although, the curative aspect can be observed concretely, the preventive aspect can never be proved. Suppose, it is predicted that someone is going to incur an accident in near future, and for remedial purpose a certain gem stone to wear and a mantra to chant is suggested. Now, if in spite of strictly following the remedial procedure the accident occurs, there is no method to prove whether the remedies helped in mitigating the consequences of accident or not; it is just a matter of faith or belief. We can only say that whatever astrological remedial materials we sell at this portal is of genuine quality to the best of our knowledge and have complete faith on their utility.

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