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Sphatik (Quartz Crystal) Items

Astrologically, Sphatik (quartz crystal) is related to planet Venus and is used as a substitute for diamond. As planet Venus stands for wife, youth, beauty, vehicles, love affairs, sexual pleasures, wealth, flowers, scents and perfumes, dance, music, fine arts, etc. it is believed to provide the same to its possessor. Venus is also the representative planet of business, trade and advisory power, so, use of Sphatic bestows success in all these matters.

It is believed to have intimate link with the worship of Lord Shiva – the giver of both worldly success and salvation, and is also known as Shivaratna. It strengthens the aura of the concerned person and removes the negativity around him/her. One name of Lord Shiva is BhootNath, hence Sphatik has the power to counteract all the black magics. Lord Shiva is also known as VaidyaNath, hence in presence of Sphatik all other astrological remedies become more effective.

The relation of Sphatic with both Lord Shiva and the planet Venus, imparts its Malas (rosaries) and idols immense value both for worldly and spiritual advancement. 


- Approximate weight 150 gm - 250gm.

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Astrological remedies can be used for both curative and preventive purposes. Although, the curative aspect can be observed concretely, the preventive aspect can never be proved. Suppose, it is predicted that someone is going to incur an accident in near future, and for remedial purpose a certain gem stone to wear and a mantra to chant is suggested. Now, if in spite of strictly following the remedial procedure the accident occurs, there is no method to prove whether the remedies helped in mitigating the consequences of accident or not; it is just a matter of faith or belief. We can only say that whatever astrological remedial materials we sell at this portal is of genuine quality to the best of our knowledge and have complete faith on their utility.

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