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We can say that gem stones are the representatives of planets on earth, e.g. coral is the representative of Mars on earth. We also know that we are constantly being affected by the planets. So, if wear the representative gem of any planet, what we do is, we increase the capacity of that planet to affect us; either salubriously or perniciously. Like planets, gems also act synergistically, so, very often a combination of two or three gem stones is suggested for the optimum output. Many time the combination of a gem stone and a specific yantra proves to be more beneficial the combination of gem stones.

Actually, in every horoscope there are some planets which are functionally benefic and others are either functionally neutral or malefic. For the good results to be experienced in life the functionally benefic planets should be strong and the functionally malefic planets should be weak. In a nut-shell this is the whole concept behind gem therapy.

One thing that we should keep in mind is that this system of gem therapy is like crests and troughs of the ocean, i.e. if we increase the level of water at some place it is bound to decrease at some other place. Many a time, wearing a gem stone can be a trade off. It intensifies some aspects of life and diminishes some other ones, e.g. it can augment wealth but at the same time can deteriorate health also. So, never wear any gem stone without the proper guidance of a competent astrologer.



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Astrological remedies can be used for both curative and preventive purposes. Although, the curative aspect can be observed concretely, the preventive aspect can never be proved. Suppose, it is predicted that someone is going to incur an accident in near future, and for remedial purpose a certain gem stone to wear and a mantra to chant is suggested. Now, if in spite of strictly following the remedial procedure the accident occurs, there is no method to prove whether the remedies helped in mitigating the consequences of accident or not; it is just a matter of faith or belief. We can only say that whatever astrological remedial materials we sell at this portal is of genuine quality to the best of our knowledge and have complete faith on their utility.

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