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India, Bharat, Hind or Hindustan ?

Which is the Luckiest name for our nation?

(Source :  January 01, 2007 Page.2 Hindustan Times)

Happy Birthday India !  

 Waqt ka har shay gulaam, Time rules every person, and even a country is influenced by waqt.

 Why do we Indians lag behind, even though we have all the resources? Why are we not the leaders in the world? Why have we not been able to properly exploit our resources? And why has the golden bird lost its pristine glory ? To find the answer to these questions I made a thorough Numerological analysis of our beloved country. The conclusion of my analysis is as follows:-

 A country’s name plays a significant role in the progress and prosperity of its citizens. I know some of my readers must be thinking – how can our country’s destiny affect us?  It is the same affect that the house number has on the destiny of his owner.

 As a numerologist I always suggest: “A person or a country must have only one name, the more names you have the more will be the confusion created.” In Numerology, every spelling makes a special vibration and also creates a particular destiny. A country must have only one name and if it is necessary then a maximum of two name spellings are beneficial. Having more names will bring the individual/ nation on a cross road where it will not be able to decide which way it must move.

History has many such evidences where a country with many names experienced downfall and ultimately lost its glory. One example is that of Great Britain, the country prospered till it was known as, and I think we all remember that it was said, “sun never sets in the kingdom of Great Britain.”  Slowly the county came to be known as United Kingdom and U.K. later on (as we use the name today) it became popular as England. Do I need to tell the story of its downfall? (which indeed is a part of history).  

 On the other hand there is a country which rose from the scratch and today is a leader in electronics, it is called as ‘nippon’ by its natives and the rest of world knows it as Japan. Japan has its own Numerology and the result of its single lucky name is known world over.

 What lead to the decline of Great Britain?  And what was the cause of the consistent rise of Japan (from ashes after 1945)? The reason was: one country had many names which hindered its growth whereas the other country had only two names which were extremely lucky.

 Now about India, the date and time of birth of our beloved motherland is 15/08/1947 at 00:00 hours. (I do not want to get into a debate regarding this because I am discussing about the ‘India’ which came into existence on 15th August.)

 Numerologically India is governed by Numbers 6 and 8, according to the date of birth. Number 6 is a lover of peace and loves a slow movement, but the movement is consistent. Number 8 symbolises administrative ability and hard-labour. This is found in the character and destiny of India, but why does the country suffer even though it is blessed with a lucky date of birth?

 The reason is in its name, India is also known as Bharat, Hindustan, Hind and Bharatwarsh. Now let me explain you the effect of these names separately.

 Hindustan : This name is mostly used by Indians in Mid-Eastern countries. This is an average lucky spelling which indicates that no doubt India will progress and achieve great heights of Success but it will be prone to external attacks and internal violence. The most negative aspect of this name is that it leaves India alone in International sphere and will adversely affect India’s foreign affairs.

 Bharat : This name makes the country aimless, all the plans and policies are delayed. It makes the economy unstable. The country will develop in spiritual field.

 Hind : This name makes the country laborious and develops is administrative ability. The natives will develop fraudulent practices and have to struggle a lot. People living in such a country will be disloyal and might even turn out as traitors.

 Bharatwarsh  : This name indicates that the country will love discipline and will prosper only if the natives are vigilant, a single show of lethargy will lead to downfall. But this name also makes the country aimless and will not be beneficial in long run.

 India : A name indicating perfection in everything. The natives will not only be loyal but will also be patriotic. The country will possess immense leadership potential and it will lead the world when there is a severe crisis. The country will regain its lost glory and will develop in all spheres especially in technology. The natives will work with unity and will work for the welfare of the whole society and will believe in the theory of ‘vasudhev kutumbakam’.

 I hope the readers would have understood why I have been referring the country as India and not Bharat or Hind or Hindustan. The spelling India is extremely lucky and perfectly compatible with its date of birth. So, I repeat what I mentioned in my article of January 01,2007 published on Pg.2 Hindustan Times : India will surely shine and year 2011 is of great significance for India as well as Indians.

 So I end on a very positive note, expecting that the New Year for India will bring happiness and prosperity for Indians as well as India.                                                                                                              


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