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To dream of crying babies is indicative of ill-health and disappointments.


The baker is the symbol for that  inner aspect of the dreamer which is responsible for spiritual nourishment.

Bald- Head

To dream of a bald- headed man denotes that cheats are on the look to adverse your interests but if you keep awake you can outsmart them.


Like the sphere, the ball is a symbol of totality.It indicates processes of alteration and change.


This dream foretells that you will be mated to uninteresting and an unloved companion.


The dream image of baptism indicates that it has become necessary to liberate oneself from old, obstructive and incorrect attitudes. 


If the barn appears to be full of grains then it is an omen of great prosperity.


The image of a bath or bathroom occurs particularly before decisive turning-points in the dreamer's life.  The water in the dream bath symbolizes spiritual energy. 


Sorrows and calamities from evil works are against you when you dream of bats.


Battle signifies striving with difficulties and a final victory over the same.


The bear appears mostly as  a helpful, motherly, earthy animal.The bear can appear as an indication of the neglected motherly side character.  On the other hand, the bear embodies a powerful natural force also.


A bed which fills the whole room means that the dreamer awards sexuality too much significance in his life. The reverse is true when the bed is too small or too narrow.


Bees signify pleasant and profitable engagements.


This is a sign of bad management and unless economical you shall lose much of your property.


To hear bells tolling in your dream implies death of distant friend.


The belt denotes vitality and sexual potency . For women dreaming of it , the belt is a symbol of virtue and purity.


Birds live in the air, the world of the pure intellect.  Birds in a dream symbolize intellectual matters.


The process of birth in a dream is a sign for the beginning of something new.If men dream of childbirth, it is an allusion to the origination of new ideas, career prospects.


Loss of blood can indicate loss of love, but can also indicate a necessary spiritual sacrifice.  A blood transfusion can be seen as spiritual enrichment.


Boat symbolises bright prospects, if upon clear water. If the water is murky then unhappy events are likely.


Things of this nature are to be regarded as danger signals.  They can conjure up past war-time experiences. They can indicate events which have caused shock.


Dreaming of studying books indicates pleasant pursuits, honors and riches.


Dreaming of bottles is good if it is fully filled with liquid and is transparent.


Bread symbolizes 'the staff of life', and also spiritual invigoration. Bread always assumes a positive significance in dreams.


Whenever a bridge appears in a dream, the psyche is signaling that a difficulty can be reconciled or bridged over.


To see large buildings is significant of a long life with many travels and explorations to distant countries.


The image of a bull is not unfavorable, as long as the dreamer sees it as an indication that corresponding psychic energy should be tamed.


With this image, the dream is expressing the invasion of the dreamer's imaginative sphere by unconscious elements. 


Death represents a process of change.  Frequently something new replaces that which has been symbolically buried. Marriage to someone close to the deceased usually occurs.


The butterfly appears in a dream as a symbol for a mind which is going astray. It also denotes prosperity and fair attainments.


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