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'S' initials are Successful, Sensational & skillful


Courtesy : Hindustan Times 16 / 11 / 2005

Every successful person in the world is born with an ‘A’ or ‘S’ initial or by number 1. ‘S’ is governed by number 1 in numerology.  Number 1 is a fire element number and is ruled by sun.

In one of my previous articles I mentioned the special qualities of A & S initials. I got mails and requests from many readers regarding a separate article for ‘S’ initials where their qualities could be discussed in detail. So I decided to write an article on ‘S’ initials separately.

If one looks around to see the list of successful people, one will witness innumerable examples with ‘A’ or ‘S’ initial because they are among the most powerful initials in Numerology.

Why do most successful artiste have a name with ‘S’ initial ? Why are most of the rags to riches stories about persons with  ‘A’ or ‘S’ initial ?

‘S’ possesses the might, glow and power of the Sun. It is also influenced by number 19 ( 19th alphabet ). As a result, it is a slow but consistent in life. It attains gradual rise in life and creates a niche for itself in whichever field it moves.

One can also find many examples where a child with ‘S’ initial rose to heights of success and fame at an early age. This is found when they are assigned a lucky name spelling influenced by the master numbers 11, 22 or 33.

A person whose name begins with ‘S’ has spiritual roots and follows a spiritual path. It holds within it, individuality and ambition but often feels alone. They are independent and courageous and set examples of subtle ways to express emotions, which can create cooperation. They are very conscious about their self respect. The vibration of ‘S’ is emotional but it must not be misunderstood as a tolerant temperament. They are charismatic in public relations.

Few famous personalities with ‘S’ initial are Sonia Gandhi, Shahrukh Khan, Sachin Tendulkar, Sania Mirza, Shakespeare, Sushmita Sen and even Saddam Hussein.

And this does not end the list because every year the list of meritorious students in IIT, CPMT, CAT, IAS, PCS and other competitive examinations contains nearly 60 % students with ‘A’ or ‘S’ initial and nearly 25% are those with ‘S’ initial only.

Some peoples might start thinking that mostly the names start with these two initials only. I would just request them to see the list of applicants which will clarify that not more than 35% applicants have names beginning with ‘A’ or ‘S’.  But the list of successful persons in every field contains only the two initials in majority, with ‘S’ dominating the creative field and the sports or athletic field.

Few days back I suggested Sonu Niggaam (30th  July 1973), the famous singer, to use his original spelling & wear a yellow sapphire of 7 rattis. He is governed by number 3 as per the date of birth and his name (number 12) vibrates perfectly in affinity with the birth numbers. With the use of an unlucky spelling he lost ‘Sa Re Ga Ma’ and his movies flopped. His annual ruling as per the name was extremely negative in 2003-04. Following my guidance has given his album ‘Chanda ki Doli’ a very good public response along with other opportunities.

Often people ask me to change their spelling not knowing whether a name correction is actually required or not. I suggest that they must let a numerologist decide and not jump to conclusions. A change in name can make as well as mar one’s life, so it must be taken seriously.   


‘S’ initial is most suited to those born in January, September, October, November and December. ‘S’ initial must NEVER be assigned to those born in February, July and August.

 ‘S’ initial  is the luckiest for those born on 1st, 2nd, 10th, 11th, 20th , 28th and 29th . Persons born on 6th, 15th, 24th have also been extremely successful with this initial. But they must be assigned a name governed by master numbers (11, 22 or 33) or an extremely lucky name spelling which is compatible with their date of birth. Such a name initial results in a drastic failure after great success. Saddam Hussein is the best example to illustrate.   

 ‘S’ initial must NEVER be assigned to those born on 5th, 14th, 23rd  or  8th, 17th and 26th of any month. It makes them suffer a lot in life and fills their lives with miseries.

 ‘S’ initial if assigned to a child born on Karmic dates 13, 14, 16 or 19 makes him/her indecisive and the sufferings of the malefic effect of Karmic numbers are intensified.

 Persons with ‘S’ initial must wear an ek-mukhi rudraksha or an eleven-mukhi rudraksha to safeguard them from health ailments.


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