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Is your firm's name Lucky ?

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Waqt ka har shay gulaam, Time rules everyone. Waqt also has a complete control over a business.

Many of our readers have put forward a query:


Does the name of firm/ shop/ factory/ industry affect our profits?


My answer is: Yes, in Numerology a firmís name has a separate identity, quite distinct from its owner. It has its own destiny.


So, it is to be clearly analysed whether a firmís name will bring profits for the businessman or will incur losses.  I have studied astrology for decades but it is not possible to determine the fate of a firm through this science. The only thing possible is to make calculations by taking the initials.


But will that not mean that Hindalco, Himani, Hindustan Lever must have a similar destiny?


 Had it been so, then I would have recommended everyone to start their firmís name with M (like Microsoft) or R (like Reliance) or any other initial which was similar to a successful business concern.


A common myth among Indians is to keep a firmís name starting with some godís / goddessís name. E.g. a person came to me with his firmís name Maa Kaali traders. This firm was incurring huge losses and the owner was in huge debt. I know he must have put the name because of his faith and devotion in goddess kaali. Here, I must make it very clear that no god or goddess will come to control the firm if their name is added to a firmís name.


And I also do not mean to say that adding a godís or goddessís name will not make it yield profits. It is all a matter of vibration that the name will give out when its numerological study is made.


If the vibration is positive and is perfectly compatible with the ownerís name and date of birth then the firm will earn , no matter what its name is.





Is you firm's name lucky ?

 Is your firm Earning consistently ? Are your bad debts recovering ?

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