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I know some of my readers must be imagining the role of numerology in this. But what I want to convey is: a numerologically lucky name spelling can help a child in his whole life. Had the girl been assigned a spelling which wasn’t compatible, she would have been wandering aimlessly like many youths in our country.


Every year I become very busy in the month of July and August because I get a large number of name corrections, which are then to be entered in the registration forms of Class 9 & 10.


A few days back I corrected the name spelling of a boy ‘Harshwardhan Grover’ and changed it to ‘Harshvardhan Grover’.


The mother of this child informed me that within a week of changing name spelling, the child has started showing a positive response in his studies.


Frankly speaking, its really surprising for me too. I have generally observed that the effect takes a month or so. But then if a name has been corrected the effect must be visible. And if one comes across such examples the faith in the power of number strengthens.


The children are like seedlings, which, if given a perfect guidance will not only earn name and fame for themselves but also for their family. .


So it is always recommended to get the names of the children checked numerologically and corrected if required. 


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