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Cancer : sun-sign

(21 June to 23 July)

You are full of contradictions and restless by nature. You are deeply interested in family matters. You have a penchant for travelling and changes. Your life will have unusual ups and downs. You are anxious in money matters and may speculate to make quick money. Generally you will succeed in speculation. You are a hard worker.

You will experience unexpected changes in life. You have a good imagination and hence will excel in composing, writing, and music. By nature you are a loving person. You dislike being dictated to and are loyal to those who recognize you. If the people around you fail to understand you, you become melancholy as you need encouragement and appreciation.

You should marry after careful considerations. You will advance and then retreat in work and ideas just like a crab. You may surpise everybody by changing your line at a very critical point of your career.

You may reach a very high position in public life but your marital happiness will not match your public life. You are a cold person with an excellent memory and a reservoir of knowledge.

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