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A navel in a dream often indicates a mother complex.  If young women dream of navels, this frequently indicates latent lesbian tendencies.


To see your neighbors in your dreams, denotes many profitable hours will be lost in useless strife and gossip.


When the setting in a dream is night, it signifies a spiritual area about which we are, so to speak, still in the dark.


It is only in extremely rare cases that nudity in a dream refers to an erotic situation.  Nudity indicates a state of spiritual exposure.

In dreams, the number two usually has female significance.  It is the number of union and of the couple.  On the other hand, it indicates the opposition of man and woman, matter and intellect, heaven and earth, etc.
Three is an age-old magic number.  Even today, a word is frequently repeated three times to give it particular significance. It is still customary to knock on wood three times to avert disaster.
Seven is a dynamic number.  The week has seven days, the rainbow has seven colors and the lunar cycle is 28 days( a multiple of seven).
An eight in a dream, or octagonal forms or rooms can have an extremely positive significance.  A state of completeness is indicated.
Eleven starts a new series in decimal system.  In dream symbolism, it indicates new occurrences or progress.
Thirteen has a similar significance of progress or new tidings.


To dream of gathering nuts, augurs successful enterprises and much favor in love.


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